Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
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I couldn't believe it had been 5 years since I visited New York last. I landed at JFK from Haneda (not Narita) at about 10:00a.m., which was much earlier than scheduled. The weather was so pretty with blue skies and sunshine.

After having checked in at the hotel, I sat at Madison Square Park, relaxed and enjoyed a sunny May day. As it was lunch time, I saw many office workers eating burgers from Shake Shack inside the park.


A jazz band was playing music there. Although it is small, it is a very peaceful and pretty park with elm trees and flowers.

In recent years, “third wave” coffee has become a trend and ubiquitous across the globe. And of course, I found the third wave cafés here or there in Manhattan. People enjoy and appreciate high-quality coffee that much? Yes, I am one of those who consume lots of coffees throughout the year. One of which I dropped by was Birch Coffee that was close to Madison Square Park. It was a very chic façade.


This café was very cozy with a good ambience, and the latte I ordered was delicious although it was a little pricey.

The back of the room was filled with books and diligent readers, which looked almost like a library.

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