Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
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Hyde Park
Hyde Park is home to the University of Chicago located on the south side of downtown Chicago. It was a very nice walk along the 59th Street in the Midway Plaisance under the beautiful blue skies on a warm spring day. The Harper Memorial Library I found is the most impressive building on this street.
Another imposing Gothic edifice on 59th Street is Rockefeller Memorial Chapel named for the University of Chicago's founder John D. Rockefeller. I guess this is the tallest building on the campus. I was so surprised to find a large pipe organ inside.

This is the one point perspective of 59th Street. I found very few people on this street except for small kids running around the playground near Lab Schools.

The Winter and Readers Gardens surround the statue of Linné, a Swedish botanist , that used to be in Lincoln Park.
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