Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
I was so dumfounded to see how rapidly the city of Warsaw had been changing since I was here last in 2002. I was like, “Is this really Warsaw?” This time, there were definitely far more high-rise buildings especially in the western part of the city, most of which are US/European hotels or office buildings. And yet, looking up at a banner hanging from near the roof of the Palace of Culture and Science, it proudly said, “MAM 50 LAT” meaning “I am 50 years old.” It looked dignified in a way. (Oct. 2005)
And I found a huge Wallace monument at Centrum. I guess it was a promotion for the movie but never did I expect to see something like this in Warsaw. I saw some Wallace figures standing on the top of busstop shelters also.

I got the mixed feeling this time and am a bit concerned that Warsaw would lose the flavor of the sentiment or romance. (Oct. 2005)

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