Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
Palac Kazimierzowski (Kazimierzowski Palace)
Uniwersytet Warszawski (
University of Warsaw)
When Fryderyk Chopin was 7, he moved to the Kazimierzowski Palace with his family. This building is presently used for the Faculty of Modern Languages and Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw. He had lived there for 10 years. (Oct. 2005)
Palac Czapskich (Czapski Palace)
Opposite the University stands the Czapski Palace (formerly the Krasiński Palace ) to which Chopin moved at the age of 17 and resided up until the day he left for Paris for good. In 2004, the palace was painted back to its original color from the monotone beige and is used for the the Academy of Fine Arts at present. The picture below right shows the view from his drawing room. Krakowskie Przedmiescie and the University. (Oct. 2005)
Ogrod Saski (Saxon Gardens)
Ogrod Saski is near Stare Miasto (the Old Town). It has beautiful trees, statues, and a memorial to the Unknown Soldier. It is not as large as Lazienki Park, and yet I found it more romantic and more sophisticated than Lazienkowski. I hear that Chopin took a walk through this park with his first love, Konstancja Gladkowska. (Oct. 2005)
Filharmonia Narodowa (Philharmonic Hall)
It is close to Centrum and is where the Chopin Piano Competition takes place. There was a YAMAHA piano store by this building.(Sep. 1998)
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