Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
The mermaid is the symbol of Warsaw. In my four visits to Warsaw, I have found the three different statues of the mermaid in the city. Each one has different sizes and designs, but they all are armed with a sword and shield as though they were protecting the city. I also felt the resilient spirit of the Warsaw people from some hard times that they had been going through in the past.
Pomnik Syrenki (Little Mermaid)
There is a mermaid statue situated right in the midst of Rynek Starego Miasta, the Old Town Marketplace. I found it more precise than the other two mermaid statues. (Oct. 2005)
Pomnik Syreny (The Mermaid)
And I found the second monument to the mermaid on the bank of the Vistula near Most Syreny, the Syreny Bridge. It is a bronze statue and is definitely the largest of the three mermaid statues that I saw in Warsaw. Everytime I see the Vistula River, it is so serene - and so it was on this day. (Oct. 2005)
The third statue of the mermaid I saw was behind the campus of the University of Warsaw. It is on the bridge and could easily be missed. Although it appeared older than the other two, this mermaid may have a long history. (Oct. 2005)
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