Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
Kościół Wizytek (Church of the Nuns of the Visitation)
Kościół Wizytek is one of the very few buildings in Warsaw that survived unscathed through World War II and is where young Chopin used to play the organ. (Oct. 2005)
Kawa u Brzezińskiej (Brzezińska’s Café)
To socialize and exchange news or opinions, Chopin frequented cafés, one of which is called “Kawa u Brzezińskiej” (Brzezińska’s Café) at Kozia Street. (Oct. 2005)
Ulica Kozia (Kozia Street)
A number of artists and writers flocked to Kozia Street back in Chopin's days in 19th century; however, I got the impression that Kozia was a bit quiet with almost no one walking along this street. Yet, somehow it took me way back to centuries ago. I found a small museum named “Muzeum Karykatury” which, I could guess, was Caricature Museum. Next to the museum was a small, beautiful yard with autumn leaves all over the ground. (Oct. 2005)
Palac Namiestnikowski (Namiestnikowski Palace)
Chopin gave his first concert at this palace and nowadays it has been the residence of the president of Poland. (Oct. 2005)
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