Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
The city has largely been left intact since 13th century and is one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe, with many churches covering from Romanesque to Gothic to Baroque. No wonder the city was registered as one of the 12 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Wawel
I loved the view of the Wawel Hill from the bridge or from across the Vistula. The Hill holds the nation's treasures and lavish objects -the most interesting (or rather unusual) area on the Hill I found was the Hall of Deputies. There I saw scores of wooden faces on the ceiling that represent kings or perhaps some authorities. I felt scared of those faces staring down at me. I mean, who wouldn't?

Kościół Mariacki (Church of St. Mary)
The twin-spired church stands by the Market Square and is one of the largest churches of its kind on earth. I knew that a bugle was played from the top of this church every hour, but there was still enough time remaining to the next sound of it. So I stepped inside the church - Wow! Never had a seen such a magnificent church! Altars, pulpit, and walls were extremely well-decorated and they all mesmerized me. When you get a chance to visit Krakow, just feast your eyes here! Then outside looking up the church awaited a bugle. From the top of the taller tower I barely saw a trumpeter playing the bugle for a few minutes. It was a simple blast; however, I was quite impressed with the tradition being kept alive like that.
Brama Floriańska (St. Florian’s Gate)
This gate was built in the 14th century and is the entrance into Rynek Główny, Market Square, and on to the Wawel Hill. Upon passing the gate, I saw many paintings of major landmarks of Krakow on both sides of the wall. I purchased one of those oil paintings I liked best – the Wawel Castle casting a reflection on the Vistula. It was like an open air gallery.

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