Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
Hotel Chopin
I found a hotel called Hotel Chopin as I was approaching the village of Brochow. I felt more excited to realize that I was being pretty close to the birthplace of Chopin.
Kosciol sw. Rocha, Brochow
(St. Roch's Church, Brochow)
This is St. Roch's Church in Brochow where Chopin's parents were married, and on April 23, 1810, Fryderyk Chopin was baptized here. I could imagine from the red brick fortifications of this church that this area had been attacked by enemies like other towns in Poland. There was a marsh or perhaps a pond behind the church. It was a nice and quiet village.
Kosciol sw. Rocha, Brochow
(St. Roch's Church, Brochow)

Unfortunately, I was unable to go inside the church on this day, although I could see an altar inside from a small opening.
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