Odyssey in Poland & Fryderyk Chopin
It was a 20-minute train travel from Gdansk to Sopot. It was a neat resort town on the Baltic coast reminding me of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There were churches, sophisticated cafes and nice restaurants with gardens and wooded parks all over the place.
Needless to say, deep blue sea and sailing yachts from white sand beach were heavenly beautiful. As the weather was nice and clear, I could see Gdynia and Hel Peninsula. Scandinavia was almost over there! I felt like I had come so very far on the longest wooden pier in Europe. Along the 500-meter pier I found the bench running all the way and shops selling amber. Near the city hall of Sopot, I was amazed to find a monument of Frederic Chopin here, too. I never thought I would find one in this resort town.
On the way to Hel Peninsula, I stopped in a small town called Puck for lunch. The sardines I had at this seafood restaurant were extremely salty! Thank God I was having a cold sweet ice-tea with it. I found a monument to General Jozef Haller with flowers as I strolled along the seashore. It was another very sunny day.
It was around dusk when I finally arrived in Hel which is a 30 km long and 1 km wide sandy peninsula surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Compared to Sopot, I found this area to be more tranquil, full of nature intact, not very commercialized in a good way. I also felt romantic in a little lethargic late summer evening standing on the white deck.
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